Academic Philosophy

Character, Curiosity, Connection and Courage

Lincoln is home to outstanding faculty and an innovative curriculum, both of which are dedicated to giving our students an academic experience they truly can’t receive anywhere else. Our cutting-edge program is rooted in four academic pillars—character, curiosity, connection, and courage—that teach not just what our students need to know, but who they are and all they are capable of achieving. From our littlest learners to our rising seniors, Lincoln’s academic program focuses on discovery through opportunity, empathy through perspective, community through a global lens, and confidence through first-hand experience.


A Lincoln education prepares each student for the complex world that awaits them by bolstering the confidence and integrity within them. No matter the subject, lessons encourage critical thinking, understanding differences, and ethics and integrity. Guided by the Quaker tenet that everyone’s voice matters, listening, reflection, and respect are key components of Lincoln’s curriculum and culture.



Curiosity is the cornerstone of our academic program. Guided by their own inquisitiveness and motivated to pursue what matters to them, Lincoln students are given ample opportunity to learn in resonant and innovative ways. By asking difficult questions and challenging what’s accepted, students of all ages discover their passion and purpose.


At Lincoln, you are part of a truly special community. Because we are small but mighty, students here are known by their teachers, their classmates, and the accomplished alumnae who came before them. Our campus isn’t limited to four walls—our second campus in Rehoboth, 33-acre athletic complex, is a cornerstone of scholar-athletes and supporters alike; and our signature partnership programs connect students from all grade levels with greater Rhode Island.


A hallmark of a Lincoln education, here our students find their voices and learn how to use them. With an emphasis on building confidence, creating paths for leadership, and taking risks without fear of failure or judgement, our academic program encourages students to be bold in the pursuit of what moves and inspires them.