Center Programming

Morgan Stone Day (MSD)

MSD was Lincoln’s first program day devoted to themes of diversity and inclusion. Founded by the Upper School Club, 2B1, MSD explores notions of race and privilege, adopting such themes as, ‘Acknowledging our Intersectionality,’ ‘Who put the ME in Media’, and 2017/18’s ‘The Power of Protest.’

Future is Feminist

The Future is Feminist Conference (previously known as International Women's Day) is a student-led, all school program day organized by the the Upper School club Lincoln Feminists, and the Middle School Cafe Club. Topics of patriarchy, gender, and intersectionality are explored through workshops, guest speakers, group activities, and community outreach.


LYNXMUN is Lincoln School’s three year-running high school Model United Nations Conference. Hosting schools from the New England area, LYNXMUN is the culmination of our year’s competitive schedule. Lincoln’s team was recently ranked by Best Delegate as the best team in the state of Rhode Island one of the 150 best in the country.