Edible Garden

The Quaker value of stewardship of the earth is a guiding light for the Lincoln Community, from the design of our STEAM Hub for Girls to our environmental science program. The Lincoln School Edible Garden is a strong example of our collective responsibility to understand and care for our local and global environment.

The Lincoln School Edible Garden was established in the spring of 2008 under the advisement of the Southside Community Land Trust and dedicated the same year in honor of beloved Kindergarten teacher and garden enthusiast, Libby O’Neal. The Edible Garden is situated on Dwight House lawn.

The garden features organically grown herbs, vegetables, and fruit and is maintained and enjoyed by all members of the Lincoln School community—students, families, faculty, and staff. The children in our Early Childhood program and in Grade 3 spend a great deal of time in the garden and share responsibilities.

Most of the planting of the Edible Garden takes place annually in May by students and adults on the school’s Community Action Day. During the school year, food grown and harvested in the garden is prepared by the onsite Flik Dining Service and presented in daily luncheons. Throughout the summer months, volunteers care for the garden and the harvest is shared with area food pantries Camp St. Community Ministries and West Bay Marketplace.

The Edible Garden features a greenhouse and potting shed generously given to the school by the graduating Class of 2011 to support the garden and ongoing sustainability efforts. The garden also has several composters used for yard detritus and fruits and vegetables.