The Power of a School for Girls

The class president, star athletes, academic award winners—at Lincoln, they’re all female. Girls here are free to voice their opinions, take risks, and let their true selves shine. Their sense of their own capabilities and potential has nothing to do with how they compare with their male counterparts—and they achieve more as a result.

According to a 2009 study by UCLA,* “Women graduates of single-sex schools exhibit higher academic engagement than do their coeducational counterparts.” The study also found that graduates of single sex schools:

  • Have higher academic self-confidence
  • Express more interest in engineering careers
  • Have higher confidence in their math and computer skills
  • Earn higher SAT scores
  • Are more likely to be politically engaged

Our faculty, meanwhile, understand how girls learn best. They know how to challenge, engage, and inspire them to achieve at their highest potential. As for what our students think of being at a school for girls? Most of them say they barely notice. They wouldn’t trade being at Lincoln for anything.