News & Events

Something exciting is always happening at Lincoln. From our Speaker Series to the accomplishments of our students, alumnae, and faculty, to our involvement in greater Providence and beyond, our news and events reflect who we are—a vibrant community of learners, thinkers, and doers.

Happenings in Middle School History

Skill building is central to the middle school history curriculum, but so is having fun! Earlier this fall, the sixth-grade historians in Jess Kimball-Veeder’s classes assumed the role of CSI agents as they investigated the mystery of Ötzi, a Neolithic Age man whose mummified body was discovered trapped in the icy landscape of the Alps by hikers in 1991. To set the scene for the investigation, drama teacher Don Mays created a highly engaging and humorous video for the students

An Update on the Copper Beech Tree

While our front lawn’s distinctive appearance will change on November 24, 2021, this is a reminder for us all that our community inhabits a larger ecosystem, ever-changing and magnificent. 

To that end, Lincoln School will approach this albeit sad milestone as an opportunity to do what Lincoln does best—set the stage for deep learning. Through the years, Lincoln students have explored the tree as an artistic medium, investigated it through scientific inquiry, and simply used it as a space to come together. 

A Message From the Head of School: Bold Improvements

It has been a joy to watch the playground and the new Lower School STEAM space take shape over the last few months.  The new playground, designed to encourage movement and sensory exploration. has state of the art equipment that includes spinners and climbers, a musical sensory garden, and a balance trail. The STEAM space, designed to inspire discovery and innovation,  includes 3-D printers, Lego walls for building, and ample space to store tools and consumables to be used for project-based learning. 

MS Sports Wrap: Weekend of Competitions

Did you know that 80% of Lincoln 5-8 Grade students are involved in a fall sport this year? Students are taking part in soccer, field hockey, and cross country. The fall season ends at the end of October, with the winter sports season starting Monday, December 6. MS students will be able to participate in basketball or swim this winter.

A Q&A With Dr. Jill Walsh

Dr. Walsh visited Lincoln School recently to meet with our Grade 8 students and families. In addition to speaking to students and parents on a variety of topics related to technology and adolescent development, we were able to meet one-on-one afterwards for a Q & A.

This Week In: Archaeology

This week, our Archeology class ventured off campus to experience hands-on learning inside a historic Newport restoration project. The students learned about and had the chance to explore the Vernon House and Hunter House. The group was led by Lincoln History Department Head, Ruth Macaulay, and esteemed architectural historian and archaeologist, Myron Stachiw, who is working with the Newport Restoration Foundation.

This Week In: Marine Biology

After learning about microorganisms and how they move through the environment, the students were tasked with designing, producing, and testing a model of a plankton. The goal was to have the model move through the water at the slowest speed, as plankton need to be able to be near the surface of the ocean as well as dip below to avoid predators. The winners were awarded the Great Plankton Race trophy, on which they added their names joining past winners. 

Intersections: Indigenous Peoples’ Day & International Day of the Girl

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is recognized on the second Monday of October each year, celebrating and honoring the histories and cultures of Indigenous peoples, and earlier this month, President Biden signed a presidential proclamation declaring October 11 to be a national holiday.

This year, Indigenous Peoples’ Day coincides with another important day on the Lincoln calendar: International Day of the Girl, which the United National General Assembly declared in 2011 to focus attention on the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. 

Full STEAM Ahead at Lincoln

STEAM is a comprehensive learning model that integrates literacy in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. This combination of creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and evaluating evidence yields profound learning outcomes for our students.