Board of Trustees

The board of trustees for Lincoln includes alumnae, parents, past parents, and engaged members of the community. They support Lincoln's vision as a school, setting a strategy and vision that ensures sound financial management, proper stewardship of resources, and accountability towards goals.


Russell Carey P’16, ’31

Vice Presidents

Kimberly Sprague Anderson ’80
Nancy Nahigian Tavitian ’82
Kathrin Pagonis Belliveau, Esq. ’86, P’20, ’22


Jim Casey P’25, ’27, ’31


Chris Downs P’06, ’07

Past President

Jane Palestine Jamieson ’71


Siraj Amanullah P’29, ’32
Patricia Samors Benton ’75
Dave Caldwell P’22, ’23
Joanne Chang P’33, ’36
Sarah Conde ’00
Joan Countryman GP’14
Margaret Field Kelly ’89
Kirsten Kenney ’94, P’31, ’33
Leticia Lopes ’13
Brendan McNally P’20, ’30
Mih-Ho Cha Neenan ’81
Liz Newton P’34
Denis Roche P’20,’21, ’22, ’23
Jai-Me Potter Rutledge ’06, P’31

LSAA Co-Presidents

Kathryn Ramstad ’07
Caroline Canning ’06

LSPA President

Sarah Bouvier P’30

Faculty Representative

Ruth Marris Macaulay P’99

Student Representative

Eliana Boghos '24