Graduates of single-sex education rate themselves much higher in intellectual self-confidence, writing ability, and public speaking ability, all skills that are vital to success in education and beyond.

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees for Lincoln includes alumnae, parents, past parents, and engaged members of the community. They support Lincoln's vision as a school, setting a strategy and vision that ensures sound financial management, proper stewardship of resources, and accountability towards goals.

Martha Boss Bennett '85,
P '14, '16, '22

Nancy Nahigian Tavitian
'82 Vice President

Barbara (Bonnie) Leonard Bennett ’71, P’03

Suzanne Fogarty
Head of School

Paul Boghosian P'21, '23

Maris Perlman Castro ’05

Cindy Elder P’16

Arlene Tate Schuler ’72

John Minahan, Ph.D.
Faculty Representative

Heather Hahn Fowler '87, P '29
Vice President

Tim Coggins P '16

Paula Murray McNamara '80 P '13
Past President

Susan Hibbitt
P'85, '88 GP '19 '22

Allison Gelfuso Butler ’96

Kilah Walters-Clinton ’95, P’ 30

Stephanie Chamberlin ’88

Judith Gnys, Ph.D, P’21

Jane Meissner Sharfstein ’73

Jane Palestine Jamieson '71 Vice President

Priscilla Glucksman
P '21,'18

Russell Carey P '16

Kim Briggs Berry '76
P'09, '09

Jim Casey P’25,’27

Kathrin Belliveau '86 P'20,'22

Nancy Boghossian Staples ’77, P’19

Mih-Ho Cha Neehan '81
President of the Alumnae Association

Izzy Medeiros '19
Student Representative