Why Lincoln

Founded in 1884, Lincoln operates at the intersection of tradition and innovation. As the nation’s only independent school for girls based on Quaker values, we offer a unique experience for Kindergarten through Grade 12. What’s more, we run a coed program from six weeks through Pre–Kindergarten.

That’s because a lifelong love of learning starts young. With that in mind, Lincoln focuses on character, cooperation and mutual respect across divisions. Acceptance and kindness reign supreme. Fittingly, our students live in different towns and embrace a range of religious practices.

It’s this diversity that comes together to make our community strong. We value independent thinking and nurture the individual. We push our students to support each other while developing the confidence to try new things.

Our challenging curriculum, small class sizes and talented teachers make this possible. Through weekly silent meetings and regular assemblies, we promote shared values and stay connected. Once a Lincoln girl, always a Lincoln girl.