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Bold Minds.

Lead with confidence. Learn without limits.

Why Lincoln

The Girls' Education Advantage


offered greater leadership opportunities than co-educational peers.


feel academically challenged versus 44% in co-educational environments.


more likely to matriculate to math, science, and technology careers.

The girls' education advantage is clear—it creates a climate where students are able to express themselves, explore their interests, and experience the full breadth and depth of the educational experience, leading to lifelong self-confidence and a deep love of learning that girls simply can’t get anywhere else. And it works.

Our Environment

True academic rigor in an intimate learning environment allows for an individualized approach that propels girls forward.

Student smiling
Girls First

This focus leads to lifelong self-confidence and fosters a deep love of learning that girls simply can’t get anywhere else.

Student using microscope
Quaker Values

Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship (SPICES) guide our community.

Upper students in car
Middle school students working at desk
Exposure & Experiences

In an out of the classroom, girls are exposed to exciting programs like STEAMx, Brown Engineering, Save the Bay, STYLEWEEK, & Steel Yard.

Two students in Lincoln shirts
Celebrating Individuality

Here, we recognize individuality and surround ourselves with supportive community. Students are seen, heard, challenged, engaged, and encouraged—at every age and at every step.

News & Events

Latest News

Exploring the Rich Legacy of Libraries in Sicily: A Research Journey

Embarking on a research expedition to Sicily allowed me to delve into the rich history of libraries in the region. Sicily, a Mediterranean cultural crossroads, boasts a history deeply intertwined with the development of knowledge preservation. My journey offered remarkable insights into how these repositories of knowledge have adapted under diverse cultural influences. Each library I visited showcased a unique blend of history, resilience, and dedication to knowledge preservation.

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Give Peace a Chance

Jerusalem’s Old City was just the beginning. Emerging from a maze of ancient narrow streets, I could see in a single glance the imposing face of the Wailing Wall, which Jews regard as the holiest place to pray, as well as the golden dome of the al Aqsa mosque, marking the location where Muslims believe Mohammed was taken up into Heaven, and also the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, thought by Christians to be built on the site of Jesus’s burial.

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Exploring Education, Culture and Longevity in Japan

The newly established Hibbitt/Rockwell Fund Travel Fellowship is an opportunity for faculty and student-facing staff to engage in a travel experience that will energize and enrich their professional lives. The intention of this program is to promote enthusiasm and creativity in their work with students. Silvia Campbell, Upper School Spanish teacher recently went to Japan. Below is her story. 

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