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Style Sheet

For Print and Web

Logo Use the Lincoln logo wherever possible on official correspondence. When you need one please email Amy Barrett.
Grades    Grade 1, Grade 2…Grade 12 (not first grade or 1st grade)
Young Nursery, Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten (for our school correspondence)
Time 1:00 a.m.  2:00 p.m.   (use periods and lower case)
Dates Day Month, Year         November 5, 2008 (no th)
Phone Numbers 401-331-9696 ext. 3109 use 455 format when possible or acceptable


Spelling and Grammar Conventions

Lincoln School
Do not use The Lincoln School.
Lower and Middle Schools. Our School is the best. Capitalize "s" in School.
Girls, single-sex
all-girls school, a girls school, single-sex education (adjectives, not possessives)
Parents Night
Do not use Parents' Night (adjective, not possessive)
Advisor Spell advisor with an "o" and not an "e" - adviser (even if your spell checker says it's incorrect.
CPEJ Center for Peace, Equity and Justice through Service (lower case "t" in through)
Attributes Option-hyphen (Macintosh) or Control-hyphen (Windows) creates a longer "en" dash.  Indent or right justify.

Out, out damned spot!
   –William Shakespeare
Book Titles
Grade 10 is reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare.



Departments English, History, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, World Languages, Health, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Technology
  Infant and Toddler Center, Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School

For Print Only

Times New Roman      For Official Letters

For Web Only

Page Title

Heading 1

Sub Title

Heading 2

Sub Heading

Heading 3

Bold Links, email addresses, phone numbers
Pictures Banners 188x243 pixels
Faculty Staff Directory 110x80 pixels
Within Text 263x175 pixels
News Items

Title Heading 3 in Bold

content in Paragraph


Web colors that can be used in print

Light Blue
HTML #A2BECA   R=162 G=190 B=202
Medium Blue
HTML #8AACB6   R=138 G=172 B=182
Dark Blue
HTML #3A4E84   R=58 G=78 B=132

Updated January 8, 2009

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