Middle School Acceptable Use Policy

September, 2012

 At Lincoln School technology is to be used for educational purposes that serve the school’s mission. Students are expected to use good judgment when working in areas not covered explicitly by the rules. Never provide personal information while online. You should assume that everything you do online can be seen by the entire world. All community members are expected to contribute to a stable and productive computing environment. This AUP is an agreement between you, your teachers, and Lincoln School. We assume that you will remember and respect these guidelines while using school technology.

General Rules and Regulations
•Leave no trace in the computer lab – that includes leaving the hardware (screen, keyboard, mouse, scanner) and the software (your account settings, desktop, programs) just as you found them at the start of class, or better.
•Food and drink are not permitted near computers
•Always log out when you are finished – if you find someone else’s account still logged in at a computer, try to save their work and log them out immediately, or ask a teacher for help..

Before you print
•Click print preview to make sure your document looks the way you want it to
•Check to see where you are sending your document to be printed.
•Do not press the “Print” button again if you don’t see your document right away – it might be “queued up” waiting to print, or there may be a printer problem. Call a teacher before trying to print again

Inappropriate Behavior
 •Do not use a computer to harass or bully others, to steal or borrow intellectual work, to access or store inappropriate materials.
•Playing games, chatting, and watching entertainment videos are not allowed during the school day (unless associated with a class).
•Do not access or use other people’s email or network accounts.
•Passwords should not be shared with anyone.

Email (FirstClass)
•Respect for faculty, administration, staff and fellow students is expected
•Every email you send in FirstClass will have your name and your school’s name. Everything is a reflection on yourself and your school.
•Mind your email manners! http://hbswk.hbs.edu/archive/3103.html
•We recognize that e-mail and instant messaging are a popular means of communication. Excessive teasing, insulting remarks, bullying and intimidation will not be tolerated. This includes letters, messages, threats or harassment sent via technology originating from on or off campus.

Failure to respect these guidelines could result in the loss of some or all of your network privileges.

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