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Installing FirstClass® at Home

• You may find it helpful to print this page to use during the installation •

Note: In order to use FirstClass® at home, you must have an Internet connection (cable, DSL, dialup).
FirstClass® does not give you an Internet connection.

  1. Connect to the internet and click on one of the following links  -
    • Windows Download Page
    • Linux Download Page

    • (Click here to go to to the FirstClass site for international clients in various languages - Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, UK English.) Using an international client will require a manual set-up. Directions are included below.

  2. Click to down load your client choice.
  3. This download will create an installer on your computer.

  4. Run this installer to install the FirstClass® client.

  5. Special note for the Windows XP installer: The installer will ask if you want to install the program for "All Users of this computer" or "Just This User." Choose "Just This User."

  6. When the installer finishes, the program should launch. If it does not, then find the FirstClass® Client folder and start the program.
  7. When the installation is complete, go back to the download web page and click . This should automatically set up your client to access the Lincoln mail server.

  8. When you start the program, you should first be presented with a login page that looks like the following (without the red lines). It will look slightly different with a Windows or Mac OS 9 client but all the elements will be in the same place and named the same way.

  9. The server name - mail.lincolnschool.org - should have been inserted (underlined in red above) when you clicked the button. If it was not, you can insert it in the next step.

  10. Click on the Setup.. button (underlined in red above).

  11. Note that on some installations, the launch may skip the login step entirely and go directly to the set-up window. Should that happen, just go to the next item.

  12. You should now be presented with the set-up window that looks like the following (without the red lines):-

  13. The red lines above are where you enter the correct login information that allows you to connect to the Lincoln LynxMail server.

  14. The first two - User ID: and Password: - are optional to fill in and are for your convenience. In the User ID box enter your usual login FirstCLass®ID. Once you do that, whenever you log in, your User ID will come up automatically filled in.

  15. The issue of entering your password is optional. If you fill it in then anyone starting the FirstClass client will be able to get into your mailbox. It is recommended that you leave this box empty and type in your password whenever you wish to log in.

  16. The final Server: field is REQUIRED in order for the mail client to work. If it is not already automatically filled in, fill it in with the following:
    Without this you will be unable to connect.

  17. One final step - In order to customize the client for the Lincoln system, you have to perform a resources update.

    To initiate this last simple step, log into FirstClass and in the TechTalk conference you will find an email with the subject
    Most Recent FirstClass Update. Just follow the simple directions in the email. If you don't have a TechTalk conference, please request it with an email to Mr. Cofone ccofone@lincolnschool.org.
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