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Course Descriptions and Selection Overview


Department Heads Listing
Introduction from the Upper School Director
A Message from the College Counselor
Student Advising
The Role of the Faculty Advisor
Honors and Advanced Placement Recommendation Policy
Four Year Course Planning Sheet
Student Timeline 
All Course Sign Up Forms to print


Beatrice Swift
World Languages
Holly Kindl
Ruth Marris-Macaulay
Shannon Lambert
Physical Education
Kara Gilligan
Ann Palms
Cate Hibbitt
Doug Alexander
Performing Arts
Robb Barnard
Visual Arts
Anita Thompson

These web pages include descriptions of the full sequence of courses. Some courses listed may not be offered depending on enrollment. Please check with your academic advisor. Lincoln School reserves the right to amend the 2015-2016 Course Planning & Selection Listings at any time.

Introduction from the Upper School Director

The course descriptions on the following pages include all courses and programs offered at Lincoln School for the 2015-2016 school year. As a college preparatory school, Lincoln believes that the courses offered should be challenging and balanced, addressing the students’ academic, creative, social, and physical well-being. Students should be engaged in learning on and off campus.

The process for course selection begins at the end of February. Advisors meet with students in Grades 9-11 to review each girl's four-year plan and to present course offerings for the 2015-2016 school year. We encourage the girls to review course descriptions with parents and have a sense of course direction for the upcoming year. Faculty and advisors are available to help the girls make course choices based on interest, course sequence, and prerequisites. Course registration will happen online. Students will meet with their faculty advisors and together they will register through the Class A Sign-up system. Students will receive a printout of their selections to share with their parents, who must sign and return the form. NOTE: This will be the only way to register for courses for the upcoming year. Our goal is continued excellence in the education we provide. We can accomplish this goal by forging a strong partnership and expecting the best of the students at Lincoln.

Peter Brooks
Middle and Upper School Director


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A Message from the College Counselor

Careful course selection is critical for a successful high school experience as well as a thoughtful and successful college admission process. Admission counselors considerer courses you have selected, as well as grades, as they review your academic record. If you have appropriate academic background and ability in a subject and are recommended by your teacher, consider taking an Honors or Advanced Placement level course. Remember that maintaining a balance is key.  Do not risk jeopardizing achievement in other courses by overloading your schedule with advanced level courses.

Co-curricular activities are a vital element of your experience at Lincoln as well. Try something new, whether in the arts, athletics, student government, or a club. Just as community life is a vital part of your Lincoln School experience, colleges value students who demonstrate extracurricular commitment and concern for others. Take advantage of opportunities for leadership in organizations or within the community that are available to you at Lincoln.

You will learn a great deal about yourself during your years at Lincoln. It is certainly appropriate to consider college admission as you plan your schedule, but not at the expense of your interests and your health.  Enjoy the richness of what you are learning today and challenge yourself to perform at your best in each of your courses. The college process is greatly enhanced if you know yourself, your strengths, and your interests. Explore and learn as much as you can while challenging yourself with the most appropriate and rigorous courses that you are able! Please consult with your teachers and your advisor as you consider your course selections.  I welcome your questions and concerns as well.

Helen Burke Montague
Director of College Counseling

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Student Advising

The Advising Program in Lincoln’s Upper School is a key component of the student experience. Within the context of a supportive, one-to-one relationship between advisor and advisee, students have the opportunity to reflect upon their Lincoln experience and develop the skills of self-advocacy and resilience. Upper School Advisors are the lead contacts with families- Areas that fall within the purview of the advisor/advisee/family relationship include academic planning and support, navigating peer relationships, sharing ideas to help prepare for athletic competitions or exams, and maintaining an active involvement in the school community. The goal of the Upper School Advising Program is to promote our students’ active engagement in all facets of their learning and to facilitate communication among those with interest in and responsibility for each student.

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Role of the Faculty Advisor

A student's faculty advisor is responsible for monitoring the overall progress, including the academic progress, of advisees, and meets with the advisee on a regular basis to provide support and advice on academic and non-academic matters, as appropriate. The advisor is the liaison connecting the advisee, teachers, parents, and the school. The faculty advisor is the advocate of advisees, taking an interest in their progress and well-being and assuming institutional responsibility for them. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors state their preferences for an advisor in May and are assigned advisors by the Upper School Director and Upper School Dean of Students before the opening of school; freshmen and new students will be assigned an advisor before school opens. 

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The Board of Trustees confers the Lincoln School diploma on the recommendations of the Head of School and Upper School faculty. The recommendation is based upon the evaluation of the student’s successful fulfillment of the diploma requirements, completion of each year’s work, and her support of the School’s tenets.

The year’s work is defined as five full-credit courses plus required enrichment and physical education courses, except in unusual cases approved by the Upper School Director.

Most students elect to take five academic courses each year for a total of twenty credits. A minimum of sixteen academic credits is required. The following is a list of the required courses and credits for a Lincoln School diploma.

Course Type
Minimum Requirements
Four full-year courses (one each year)
Completion of the third-level course in one language
• One World History course in Grade Nine
• US History in Grade Eleven
• One history elective 
Three full-year courses with a minimum mastery of Algebra 1, 2,
and Geometry
Three laboratory sciences from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
One year in a Performing Art
Grade Nine Studio Art
Performing or Visual ArtsAn additional year in either Visual Arts or Performing Arts
Grade Eleven 
Grade Ten 
HealthGrades Nine, Ten, and Eleven 
Quaker StudiesGrade Nine
TransitionsGrade Nine
LibraryGrade Nine
Public SpeakingTo be taken in Grade Ten, Grade Eleven, or first trimester Grade 12
Each year
Grade Twelve

Departmental requirements comprise sixteen required academic credits. A good secondary school education includes additional courses in areas of interest or talent to provide depth as well as breadth in the program of studies. Other courses may be selected from the Arts (Visual or Performing) or from an elective course in English, World Languages, History, Technology and Media, Mathematics, or Sciences. Final decision on course availability will be subject to course enrollment.

Honors and Advanced Placement Recommendation Policy

On a yearly basis, all of Lincoln’s Academic Departments recommend specific students for Honors and Advanced Placement courses. These decisions are based upon students’ previous academic performance in a given discipline. In making these decisions, the school takes into account a student’s work habits, her motivation, her ability to work independently and her capacity as a self advocate. All recommendations are approved by Department Heads and the Upper School Director before they are shared with the student body.

In making these recommendations, Lincoln School strives to place students in courses where they can find the appropriate level of challenge while not becoming overwhelmed with the workload or the level of the content covered. Lincoln school does not make these recommendations lightly and we ask that all students pay serious consideration to their placement.

In rare circumstances, a student may submit a request to be placed in an Honors or Advanced Placement level course to which she has not been recommended. In such an instance, the student will be required to fill out an “Honors and Advanced Placement Recommendation Waiver Request Form” and submit the request directly to the Upper School Director. These forms can be found in the Upper School Office, and must be submitted by the regular course sign up deadline (for 2014-15 course sign ups this deadline is Friday, March 14th). Upon receipt of the request, the Upper School Director will take the student’s request into consideration and will consult with the Department Head and the recommending teacher. If need be, the Upper School Director will facilitate a meeting with the student, her advisor, the applicable Academic Department Head and teacher to discuss and make a determination about the request. The final decision on all “Recommendation Waiver Requests” will be made by the Upper School Director.  

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Four-Year Course Planning Sheet for Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Download a PDF to Print

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Course Registration 2015-2016 timeline

February 11

Grade 8 Upper School Transition night; students will create 4 year plan with advisor

February 25

2014-2015 course selection process begins

March 11

Upper School Advisor Meetings during Assembly to begin course sign up process

March 13

Signed course sign up sheets to Kim Lawrence


New Student testing

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