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Grade  7

English (4)
Students explore the themes of coming of age, growth, self-definition, and the complicated interplay between individual and community in a wide range of texts.  We respond both analytically and creatively to the many genres we cover including short stories, a fairy tale, a play, a historical novel written in free-verse poetry, a memoir, and a science fiction dystopia.  Throughout the year students discuss essential questions related to the themes of the course, perform key scenes, write analytical essays, craft poems, diagram sentences, memorize a Shakespeare monologue, present Book Talks, and respond artistically to literature.

Pre-Algebra (4)
Seventh Grade Pre-Algebra introduces operations with positive and negative integers, as well as expressions and equations with one or more unknown quantities.  The girls use their knowledge of solving equations to answer real life problems involving area, perimeter, distance and cost.

American History (4)
7th Grade History focuses on American History, examining citizenship, and democracy, as we study how a country grows up and struggles with its own identity.  The year begins by examining how our country was formed; we then focus on how marginalized groups fought and fight to attain rights and citizenship in American culture.  Ultimately, the students discuss how far the United States has come in providing equal rights for all and how the concept of the “American Dream” has evolved over time.

Science (4)
Grade 7 science is devoted to life science. The students explore the fundamental questions of the discipline including the characteristics and requirements of life, how organisms are grouped and classified, how species interact, the needs of individual species, and how changes in the environment affect individual species. Each trimester focuses on a different aspect of life science including the plant kindgom, the animal kingdom, and the human body. Students engage with the material through hands-on activities, projects, class discussions, content reading, and guest speakers.

Study Skills/Writing Workshop (2)
The Study Skills class allows students to discuss a variety of topics such as organization, time management, note-taking, and preparation for classes and assessments, empowering the students to become organized learners.  The class also provides a time for students to develop a heightened comfort when putting pen to paper; the class is structured in a way that ensures all genres of writing are covered in a non-pressured/non-evaluative environment.

Middle School World Languages

All students in Grades 6-8 are required to take French or Spanish. Additionally, all 7th and 8th Graders are required to take Latin I. The complete study of French, Spanish, or Latin in the Middle School constitutes Level 1.  *Students who began 5th grade in 2014 or later will complete Level 2 language in 8th grade.  New 8th graders to Lincoln should ideally register for Level 1 language courses in Upper School. *Looking ahead, upon graduation in 8th grade and successful completion of 8th grade language, a 1 year credit can be applied towards the Upper School language requirement of 3 years.  

Spanish or French

Middle school French and Spanish take students on an exciting trip to new cultures while introducing them to basic grammar, language functions and everyday vocabulary. Individual and collaborative activities provide ample opportunity for the students to develop and use the language creatively and personally. Evaluation of student performance is based on participation in the classroom and on frequent skills testing (listening, speaking, reading and writing) throughout the year.  Each year builds upon the other, allowing students to recycle the old with the new.  


All 7th and 8th graders complete Latin I.  This course introduces students to the elements of the Latin language. Students in this course learn all six tenses of the verb and all five Latin noun declensions. Students also learn hundreds of Latin words and how these words are often the ancestors of words that we use today. In addition to learning to read Latin students will learn about the origins of the Romans and the role Roman culture played and continues to play in shaping the modern world.  At the end of 8th grade, the students will have finished the Level 1 course.

International Language Program:  French (grades 5-8) (for students who have already attained fluency in French) *The offering of this course is dependent on enrollment, numbers and scheduling.


The goal of this program is to facilitate students maintaining a relationship with the language and culture while developing their linguistic skills and cultural awareness to be successful citizens in a multicultural world.   

Prerequisite:  An entrance examination will be conducted by the World Language Department to determine eligibility for this program. Students are eligible for the ILP if they meet the required minimum level of proficiency.  *The offering of this course is dependent on enrollment, numbers and scheduling.

Visual Arts(3)
The middle school art curriculum combines Art History with the Principles and Elements of Design, showing the students how art and artists have reflected the culture and technology of every past era, and developing the students' own skills and creativity for self-expression.  

In the Grade 7 the students review and delve deeper into the Principles and Elements of Design, further advancing their drawing skills through still life and landscape studies. Color Theory is emphasized in the first part of the year and forms the basis of several projects to follow, including acrylic painting, mono printmaking, and set design.  The students will end the year with a linoleum-cut printmaking project.

Performing Arts

Handchimes (3)
Handchimes is an introduction to handbell ringing.  Classes occur 3 times weekly and are dedicated to learning proper ringing technique and musicality through the development of beginning handchime repertiore. By using handchimes  as their applied instrument, students will also conquer the basics of music theory and study how music interacts with society today.

Play (2)
For one third of the year students in Grade 7 will create a theatrical experience together.  Working on stage and back stage students will continue to learn skills in acting, improvisation, stage craft and ensemble. All students learn proper theater terminology and learn to take and notate stage direction.

Middle School Chorus (3)
The Lincoln School Middle School Chorus is a treble chorus available to all students in the Middle School who are interested in ensemble music.  The purpose of the group is to instill an appreciation for the choral arts and to develop the students’ voices as ensemble instruments.  The chorus focuses heavily on language, lyric diction and proper vocal production for developing young voices. Rhythm reading, music theory and music history are also incorporated into weekly rehearsals.  The chorus performs approximately 8 or 9 times per year and frequently combines with the Upper School Vocal Ensemble and other performing ensembles both during and outside of the school day.

Academic Support
The goal of Academic Support classes in the Middle School is to provide students with the skills to be successful in their instructional program. Academic Support classes focus on organization of the student's work time and their materials, study skills, written language skills, reading comprehension skills, and math skills.

Physical Education/Health
Through exposure to a broad variety of activities, each student in the Lincoln School Physical Education program is encouraged to build her physical potential. The goal is to develop in each student competency in basic skills, an interest in physical fitness, an understanding of and appreciation for a variety of team and individual sports, and the confidence and desire to participate in physical activities throughout life.

Typical sports skill offerings include soccer, field hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, team handball, badminton, and softball.  The units emphasize skill development, game strategies, positioning and rules.  Other activities include personal fitness challenges, yoga, walking, jogging, and contemporary dance.  Recreational games, team building activities and intramural opportunities are included throughout the year.



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