We are working hard to develop and master skills in the classroom.

Please use this page as a "conversation starter" to ask your child about all that is going on in second grade.

Questions to ask your child:


Who is "Platypus the Problem Solver?"

What book are your reading in the "Bookworms" or "Book Fairies" group?

What is C.U.P.S?

How did you use Everybody Needs a Rock to begin writing your own story in Writing Workshop?

What are "Doubles" and "Doubles plus one" math facts?

What is Problem Solving in math?


How do you play "Beat the Calculator" in math?

What is the +9 shortcut when adding numbers?

What is a noun?

What is the difference between there and their?

Tell me about "Whose dog is it?"

What did you share with your fifth grade buddies?

What book are you reading in Reading Groups?


What is place value in math?

What strategies do you use when problem solving?

Tell me about the designs you made on geoboards.

How do you make change with coins by "counting up?"

What does singular and plural mean?

What is a pronoun?

Tell me about the "c" rule and the "g" rule in spelling.

What did you share with Mrs. Eels when she came to visit our classroom?

What Spanish words did you use in your bilingual book, Una Semana con mi Familia?

Did you enjoy teaching your first and fifth grade buddies how to make three-dimensional stars?


What is regrouping in math?

What is a bar graph?

What is data?

Show me how you can count by 25's.

What did you learn about standardized measurement after reading, How Big is a Foot?

What is a syllable?

How can words be divided into syllables? (Compound words, between a word and its ending, "rabbit" rule, etc.)

How do you practice your spelling homework?

Tell me about your Spanish book, Veo, Veo Figuras de Colores.

What are the seven continents and the four oceans of the world?

What is the "Monster" project you will be doing in computer class?

How are you preparing for the Valentine Sing?


What do you know about poetry?

Describe haiku poetry.

Tell me your favorite part of Valentine Sing.

Explain open and closed syllables to me.

What is a topic sentence, supporting sentence and concluding sentence?

What is a paragraph?

What did you like about the Lower School "Spoken Word" assembly?

What book character did you dress up as on "Book Character" day?

What is a line segment?

What are parallel lines?

What is symmetry?

Tell me how arrays teach you about multiplication.

Are you practicing your math facts on the IXL program?

What is a "Mad Minute?"

Tell me how you used descriptive language to describe your monster? 

Are you participating in the Lower School Variety Show?

















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