“The experience of beauty is always associated with hope and art. 

                            It is the promise of happiness.”     

                                                                                   Translated from the Italian

                                                                                   Areabambini Blu

                                                                                   Pistoia, Italy




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                                                    GYOTAKU TAPESTRIES    


                                                                                 OCEAN JOURNEYS

                                                 SILK PAPER SAILS


                                    Painting Boats



                                             We have been exploring the Japanese paper marbling technique  known  as  suminagashi  which means "floating ink"






     As we have been exploring the world of the oceans, we have been looking at the portrayal of the sea as represented by different artists.  We have noticed that the colors and textures in these representations reveal a great deal about the environment and sentiment of the artists.  As we looked at various works together, we enjoyed sharing our own experiences of visiting the sea. we have found that in our little group, we have a wide range of varied experiences which include the shores of Narragansett Bay, the rocky beaches of Maine, the New Hampshire coast, the Southshore of Massachusetts, Martha's Vineyard, Costa Rica, the Greek Islands, Bora Bora  and Spain to name just a few. 

     Using gesso and watercolors, the children composed their own seascapes portraying the many faces of the ever-changing ocean.


                                                INDIVIDUAL SEASCAPES


                                                                                          FELTED WOOL BEACH STONES



                                                   Beach Stones




                                      Earthen Tiles with Seashell Imprints



Earthen Tiles Returned from the Kiln


                                           SEASHORE TILES

A Wave

I sat on the beach and a beautiful wave
  Came tumbling right up to me.
It threw some pink shells on the sand at my feet,
  Then hurried straight back out to sea.

It ran away swiftly and leaped up in foam;
  It bumped other waves in its glee.
I think it was hurrying to gather more shells,
  To bring as a present for me.

Gussie Osborne


                                     SEASHELL DRAWINGS IN NATURE SKETCHBOOKS

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