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September 25, 2013
Ask your child about.....
Coconut bread! What is an ingredient? Did you put one in? Did you use any food tools? Two thumbs up?
Drawing your self-portrait? Who did you draw? What did you include?
Building chains. Did you build a long one? A key chain? Belt? Necklace?
We're Going on a Bear Hunt. What did they walk through? What was in the cave? Did it scare you?
Helpers. Jackie-meeting, Anna-snack, Margot-lunch, Emilia-nap, compost-?
Ticket to snack. What picture did you have to put together? How was the coconut bread?
Yoga poses. Strong warrior and upside-down gorilla. Can you show your parents how to do them?
The garden.  Were is the garden? How did we get there? Who was there when we got there?  Did you smell anything good? Hide in a bean teepee? Add anything to our basket?

September 24, 2013
Ask your child about....
Playing with clay! Did you use your muscles? Did you make a meatball?
Going to studio. Did you work on your mobile? 
Making noise jars. Was yours loud or quiet?
Puzzles.  Did you work on one? Was it hard?
The light table. Did you see blue, gree, yellow or red?
Gym class.  Did you hear a rap? Go apple picking?

September 23, 2013
Happy Birthday Caroline!! We'll see you tomorrow.
We welcomed in Fall with a beautiful, blue-skyed Monday Meander. Signs of Fall were everywhere!! What did we find in the tree?  Did you put a treasure in the basket? Did you sit on anything today? 
Studio groups:
Ava, Aidan, Jackie & Anna, Emilia, Margot 
What is happening in the studio? Did you feed anything? Spray anything? What story did you hear? Where are the caterpillars?
Pretend corner:
Aidan, Emilia, Anna, Ava
Did you make pancakes? Go to the dog park? Feed the bunnies? Use soap?
Tactile table, Bean bins and glass stones:
Ava, Emilia, Anna, Lucia, Sofia, Margot, Jackie
Did you make coffee? Make vanilla pills? Make a lot of noise? Fill and empty?
Writing center, post-it notes: Lucia, Margot, Sofia
Did you cut, glue or tape anything? Did you use the new post-it notes? What did you make? Did you put it in your mailbox? How do you find your mailbox?
Buttons: Dawson, Lucia, Sofia, Emilia, Jackie, Ava
Did you string them?
Music or Library?
Did you see Ms. Taylor or Mrs. Lenihan? Sing or read books or both?

September 20, 2013
We celebrated Aidan's 4th birthday at Silent Meeting.  What songs did we sing today?
Did you help Ava count the kids at home and school?
Did you work on a puzzle today?
Did you go on a picnic?
What was special about Elmer?
Did you go to music or library? Are you in the green or purple group?
What was the ticket to snack?

Snack helper-Jackie
Nap helper-Margot
Lunch helper-Aidan

September 19, 2013
Ask your child....
What day was today? Did you have any specials?
What games did you play in gym class?
Did you play with puzzles?
Did you work with blocks? What did you build with the blocks?
Who did we draw today?
Whose birthday was it this week?
Who visited us at morning circle? What songs did with sing with her?
Were you a helper today?
What is coming to our classroom soon that will be living in a tank with water?
- Parents here is a link to my blog about food education and nutrition. I would love for anyone interested to check it out and let me know what you think. I always love suggestions for posts and feedback. Below is the link

September 18, 2013
Ask your child......
What did you help bake today? What ingredient did you add? How many thumbs did you give it?
What day was today? Did we have any specials?
What new yoga poses did you learn? Were they easy or hard?
What did we put in the mystery box? What color were they?
What animal did we look at? What animal was the story we read about?
Where did we visit for the first time? What did you see? hear? collect?
Were you a helper? How many kids were at school today? Who was at home?
Did you water the potatoes? Are they growing yet?
Did you trace any shapes? Which ones?

September 17, 2013
Potatoes! What did we do with them today?  Did you like how they smelled?
Did you go to studio today? What shape did you work with? Who is in your group?
What color did Madame talk about today? Did she sing a song? Did you sing along? 
Where did you play in our classroom? Did you......
Take care of a sister with a headache?
Throw a party for your dog?
Play with animals in the block corner?
Read to Coco in the cozy nook?
Use glue and fancy flowers?
Make a train track?
Paint at the easel?
Build a tower?
Look at a book?

What story did you hear today?  What question did you answer for the ticket to snack?

Were you the meeting helper? snack? nap? or lunch?

September 16, 2013
Happy Monday! Monday is a busy day in the Oak Room.
Did you go to Studio with Miss Calenda?  What kind of caterpillar is living in there? Where is the other caterpillar she had?
Today we did our first observational drawing.  What did you draw?  What colors did you use?
Did you visit the sand table? What did we add to it today?  Did you like how it felt?
Small, medium and large! What did you have to find for the ticket to snack?
The color game. What color did you find in the classroom and where? 
The Little Red Hen.  Did she have helpful friends? Who were they? What did she make? Did she share it? 
Music or library?
Monday Meander? Why or why not?
A Ram-Sam-SamDid you sing it? What did we leave out?

REMINDER: Parent's Night is Wednesday @ 6:00pm.  Hope you can make it. We will be showing a powerpoint about the day in the life of an Oak Room student.

September 13, 2013
Whose birthday did we celebrate at silent meeting? Who came to our silent meeting?
What instrument did Ms. Taylor play at silent meeting?
What songs did we sing at silent meeting?
Did you go to music or library today?
What books did you read and what songs did you sing?
Did you paint at the easel or with watercolors?
Who had lunch with us? (Madame)
What new words did you learn from Madame?

Dawson was the meeting helper, Lucia was the snack helper, Caroline was the nap helper, and Ava was the lunch helper.

September 12, 2013
This morning Senora visited us for morning meeting. What colors did you learn with her? What was the animal in the song she sang with us?
Did you play with the sand table or with our cool wooden blocks?
What games did you play with Miss Gil and Miss Hopp at gym class?
What book did we read at story time?
Who did you sit next to at lunch?
Aidan was our meeting helper, Caroline was the snack helper, Jackie was our nap helper, and Sofia was the nap helper.

September 11, 2013
Today in the Oak Room we......
Baked for the first time using our new mixer!  What did we bake?
Played with our orange playdough.  Did you cut it with scissors? Bake a pie?
Used magnets to build structures.
Kept cool at the water table.
Painted at the easel, alone and with friends.
Listened to two stories....one about a pouty fish and the other about a cat.  Which one did you like better?
Ticket to snack.....what number did you get?
Who did you draw for her birthday book?
What new yoga poses did you learn? (Cobra & Star)
What did we have outside today? Did you use it to stay cool.
Margot was the meeting helper, Ava was the snack helper, Emilia helped with lunch and Anna put out the nap mats.  Thanks!

September 10, 2013
We had our first visit from Madame today! What did you sing? Did you help her count?
Sofia, Dawson, Caroline and Lucia went to the studio for the first time!! Who else lives in the studio besides Miss Calenda?
We went to gym for the first time today.  Who are your teachers?  What game did you play?
What did we make today?  Did you help? What color did we make it? Was it fun to play with?
Did you play at the water table?
Did you use the new paints at the easel?
Did you draw anything from our Monday Meander treasure collection?
What was the ticket to snack question? 

September 9, 2013
Today in the Oak Room we.....
Helped Emilia, the meeting helper, count the kids at home and school.
Went to Studio with Miss Calenda. Who did you meet?
Got our pictures taken.
Made a pattern for the ticket to snack.  What color did you add?
Mixed colors for our easel.
Used watercolor paints.
Strung big beads to practice our eye-hand coordination.
Played at sand.
Sorted dice.
Built in the block corner.
Cut and glued at the writing center.
Went on the first Monday Meander!!! What did you see, hear or smell? Did you add anything to the treasure basket?

September 6, 2013

Questions for the day.....
Were you a helper today?  What job did you have?
Did you go to music or library?
What yoga poses did you learn?
What is our new poem about?
What was the ticket to snack? What color did you pick?

Geoboards-Margot, Aidan, Ava, Sofia, Jackie, Caroline
Pretend-Margot, Ava, Caroline, Lucia
Dollhouse- Lucia, Anna, Aidan, Ava, Jackie
Beading- Anna, Ava, Dawson, Aidan, Lucia
Legos- Sofia, Anna, Lucia
Light table- Aidan, Jackie
Easel- Jackie
Writing center- Sofia, Caroline, Ava, Jackie, Aidan
Cozy nook- Aidan, Lucia, Jackie, Caroline
Sand- Anna, Sofia, Lucia

Reminder to bring sunscreen!  Picture Day is Monday. 

September 4, 2013


What a wonderful first day in the Oak Room.  The kids were excited to explore their new classroom and they got right to it! I hope the pictures help foster conversations with your child.

They all explored the block corner, writing center, sand table, easel, pretend, cozy spot, light table, beading and bamboo blocks. They all sat through morning meeting and shared their family photos:)

Ask your child:
Who was the meeting helper? What other jobs are on the helper board? What job would you like?
What does the meeting helper do?
Did you help sing the song about shoes?
Do you know your teachers' names? Who is Miss Calenda?
What did we have for snack?  Did you put anything in the compost bucket?
What is the ticket to snack?  What color did you sort?
Did you enjoy listening to Froggy Goes to School?
What did Ms. Durand catch and share with us?
Did you do anything new outside? Did you climb?
Who did you sit next to at lunch?  Do you know what their symbol is?
Did you build a bamboo deck for bunnies?
Did you serve up eggs in the pretend corner?  Bury your hand in the sand?

 Thank you for a wonderful first day! Miss Wells and I are looking forward to the year ahead.  There is no school tomorrow.  We will see you on Friday.

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