Robotics I - Introduction to Robotics and Programming

Challenge: Touch Sensors

This week's challenge is to attach a touch sensor to your bot and use it to create a "bumper bot" that navigates an enclosed space by bouncing off of walls, in a Roomba-like fashion.

We already have working examples of this behavior!


Posted Monday 10/18/10 4:01 PM
Challenge: Motor Synchronization

Using the "Motor Synchronization" exercise under RobotC Curriculum > Movement > Improved Movement, create a table of values for a program that makes your robot drive in four different circles, diameters 1" - 4". Note the values in your engineering notebook for one motor synch combo - either "synchBC" or "synchCB". After you have those values, work on eliminating the "wait1Msec" commands from your programs and use nMotorEncoder values instead to calculate the distance your bot needs to travel around the circles.

Motor Synchronization Worksheet


Posted Thursday 10/07/10 3:20 PM
Robotic Rotation: Measuring Distances


Use the NXT's precisely calibrated rotation sensors (instead of the speed/time method you've been using up to now) to make your robot accurately travel pre-determined distances.

Your challenges:

  • Measure the distance (in mm) the robot travels in one rotation of the large tires. This is another way of measuring the circumference of the tires (you may check you answer by calculating the circumference mathematically as well).
  • Using this measurement, determine how many rotations the wheels need to travel 40cm. Test your answer programmatically on the table, with a meter stick.
  • CHALLENGE: Using the data and conclusions you've collected, program your robot to travel a specific distance, one that will be announced on the day of the challenge. The robot that gets closest to the line without going over will be declared the most accurate and win the enduring admiration of your classmates, at least until the period is over.
Posted Wednesday 09/29/10 9:09 AM
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