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Affirmation of Community Values

Our community comprises a wide spectrum of individuals, from all who attend and work at Lincoln School on a daily basis to those who are connected to the School in other ways. Quaker philosophy centers on the belief that each person operates from "that which is good within her." Each member of our community agrees to promote this philosophy by recognizing "that which is good" in others. Therefore, we are expected to treat all others with respect.

The Upper School is a community of learners; Quaker values of honesty, respect, and simplicity form the foundation of our school community. Students in the Upper School agree to honor these values. They are accountable for their actions; they recognize that their choices affect both themselves and the well-being of the entire community.

The Basic Tenets of Lincoln School

Integrity of the Individual
Our philosophy begins with the basic assumption that each student operates from that which is good within her. Each student is provided an opportunity for independence appropriate to her age and developmental level. Hand in hand with independence go responsibility and loyalty to the basic tenets of the community. If a student’s behavior violates these tenets, review of the situation by the Head of School in consultation with her advisor, her parents, Division Head, and Honor Council will include the consideration of separating her from the School.
A Lincoln Student is expected to:
• be honest in her work, actions, speech, and ownership.
• respect the privacy of others’ feelings and property.
• extend courtesy and concern for every individual.
• respect and protect the School’s facilities and reputation.
• attend with punctuality every class, appointment, or assigned commitment.
• uphold and abide by the laws of the land, and not possess, use, or transfer any
controlled chemical substances.
• respect and abide by the rules of any school which she visits, and expect the same of her visitors.

Community Service

Since its beginnings, Quakerism has included selfless service to others as an active embodiment of its philosophy, or the transformation of "faith into practice." Quakers have always held strong convictions and have been actively involved in fostering changes in laws and practices to benefit the poor, the elderly, and the mentally and physically ill. Students participate in this Quaker tradition through their service to others.

Expectations and Procedures:
Please refer to the Learning through Service page of the Lincoln School web site (www.lincolnschool.org/page.cfm?p=806) for complete details.

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