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Lincoln School Parent Association Information

The Lincoln School Parents Association (LSPA) mission is to provide a nurturing and productive organizational structure in which parents and families can, individually and in concert with school faculty and administration, provide support for school activities (educational, spiritual, and social) that help to fulfill the mission
of the School. In addition, the LSPA serves to support the communication between home and school. 

Lincoln School Parents Association FAQs

Who belongs to the Lincoln School Parents Association?
All parents and guardians of Lincoln School students are part of the LSPA.

How is the LSPA organized?
There is an Executive Board made up of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. There are parent representatives for each grade.

What are the lengths of terms for positions?
Executive Board terms are for two years each. Class reps serve a minimum of one year but often people stay in those for several years as their daughter advances in grades.

What do I need to do if I want to be in a LSPA position?
You can contact anyone in an existing LSPA position to let them know of your interest or send an email to www.lspa@lincolnschool.org.

What are the responsibilities of the LSPA Members?
LSPA support the various events and programs at school.  

What is BRAVO?
BRAVO works to support and enhance the arts at Lincoln School. BRAVO helps showcase the talent of Lincoln students in the visual, performing and literary arts and works to encourage community-wide appreciation of the arts.

What is PAC (Parent Action Committee)?
PAC is a group of parents from Lincoln School, Moses Brown, Wheeler, Providence Country Day, Gordon and Rocky Hill School that works to sponsor programs or activities that bring together the students (by division) from these schools.

How often are LSPA meetings held?
Meetings are held three times per school year. Executive committee meetings are once a month and open to all families as well.

Do I have to go to every meeting?
Executive Board members and Division Co-Chairs should attend every meeting.

How can I help the LSPA if I cannot attend meetings?
There are activities or events specific to your daughters grade or school division where you may help.  

If I have a problem regarding the school, do I go to the LSPA?
Generally problems should be brought to the attention of your daughter’s Division Principal and they will help you. We try to keep the LSPA meetings focused on events and/or programs going on at Lincoln that we are involved in.

2011-2012 Lincoln School Parents Association

Parents Away from Home

If parents are to be away, they must leave in writing with the Division Principal the name, address, and telephone number of the person who will be responsible for their child. We will also need to know exactly how and when they may be reached in case of emergency. Since we have found that many children, particularly younger ones, suffer some stress when parents are away, it is helpful if we know in advance about family travel plans so that we may be aware of special needs.

Parent-Hosted Parties and Social Gatherings

One of the most frequently discussed concerns of parents is how to host an appropriate social gathering for their daughter and friends. Here are the guidelines that the School follows for social gatherings:

  • Have at least two adult couples chaperone and be actively available.
  • Allow no one to return after leaving the party. Set an arrival time limit.
  • At no time serve or allow alcohol or other controlled substances to be used. Remember, the Rhode Island state legal drinking age is 21, and the host of a party can be held personally liable in cases of alcohol or controlled substance related accidents.
  • If a party is large, engage a member of the police to provide security and control outside.
  • Set a specific closing time and state it on the written invitation.
  • Always include your telephone number and address on the invitation.

If you receive a request to host a “School” party, please check with the Division Principal or Head of School first. Whenever the School can be of help, whether with a specific question or a general concern, please do not hesitate to call. The Lincoln School Parents’ Association is also a resource.

The Lincoln School and Parent Partnership

The Lincoln School Parent Partnership is a mutual commitment between students, parents, and the School. The expectations are as follows:

School Parents
Fulfill the mission Agree with and support the mission
Administer and uphold the basic tenets of the school Follow the basic tenets of the school
Provide a safe, caring environment Provide a quiet place for study
Be consistent in values and discipline Support our values and discipline
Communicate with you about your child and school Communicate with the school about your child and attend school meetings and functions
Uphold the school guidelines Support and uphold school guidelines

BRAVO is a parent group affiliated with the Lincoln School Parents' Association (LSPA) that works in conjunction with faculty to support and enhance appreciation of the arts at Lincoln School. Their mission is to help showcase the talent of students in the visual, performing, and literary arts, encourage school-wide appreciation of the arts, and raise funds to support art education. BRAVO began a tradition a few years ago called the “Arts Showcase.” At this all-school event, each student at Lincoln has artwork on display, and afternoon and evening events include musical and dramatic performances from students. Throughout the school year, members of BRAVO demonstrate how the arts are a vital part of a Lincoln School education, support students through receptions and activities, and organize opportunities for school community members to attend performing arts activities in the Providence area. Lower, Middle, and Upper schools each have a parent representative on BRAVO.

Parent Action Committee (PAC)
This is a group of parents from Lincoln School, Moses Brown, Wheeler, Providence Country Day, Gordon and Rocky Hill School that works to sponsor programs or activities that bring together the students (by division) from these schools.

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