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Traffic and Parking

Please read all of the following very important information.

An overall goal of traffic and parking to bear in mind is that we are always considering the safety of your children – our students.  All points of access MUST be kept completely free of parked cars in order to assure ready access by emergency vehicles.  We have had the experience of an emergency vehicle being unable to enter the front circle because of a parked vehicle.  Parking in restricted areas compromises the safety of all our children.

Beyond that, we ask that you bear in mind that Lincoln is situated in the middle of a beautiful and quiet neighborhood. 

We hope that you will assist us in being a good and considerate neighbor by making drop-off and pick-up as quick and orderly as possible.

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We ask that whenever possible, you drop your child(ren) at an appropriate drop-off point and quickly move on.  It's not that we don't love to see you, but every morning and afternoon this tight space must accommodate a lot of traffic.  If you have to leave your car and enter school for any reason, please find a parking place on the street.  See below for some parking suggestions.

Do not park (i.e. leave your car unattended) in the front circle or on Brookside Drive (next to Lower School) under any circumstances.

There are two main locations that are most convenient for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.  The main drop-off and pick-up point for grades Kindergarten through 12 is in the front circle where there will be Lincoln staff to assist the process.  This is the preferred drop-off point for students in Grade One through Grade Five

When dropping off or picking up in the circle , please bear to the outside (right  ) when stopping so the inner lane can be used for cars to pull ahead and pull out of the circle ().

An alternative place is at the crosswalk behind the school where Butler Avenue meets Blackstone Boulevard.  There is an official crossing guard at the crosswalk and there is a clear walk to the front of the school.

Drop-off for Early Childhood and Pre-K ONLY (Kindergarten through Grade 5 students in the Front Circle) is in the Lower School parking lot at the end of Brookside Avenue.  There are spaces reserved for this drop-off.  Please make the use of these spaces as short-term as possible to accommodate all the families that need them.  For this reason we ask that when you are parked there, that you don't stay and chat with teachers or friends. If you have to stay inside for a reason or want to chat with friends, please find a parking space on the street (see Parking below for some suggestions).  If all of these Lower School parking spaces are taken, please wait until one is available.

Do not park behind parked vehicles or on either side of Brookside Avenue.

Drop-off for the Little School is directly outside that building.  There should be no parking there except for that purpose.  Anyone who has loaded and unloaded a 6-month to three-year old with the accompanying paraphernalia will understand this.

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Pick-up for Lower School is always in front of the Lower School.  Half-day children are escorted to the front of Lower School by their teachers who wait for parents/caregivers arrive.  Full-day students are also escorted to the front of Lower School between 3:05 and 3:15.  Any students not picked up by 3:20 p.m. are taken back to Lower School Office where they wait for parents/caregivers to arrive.  Parents are called after 3:30 if their child has not yet been picked up.

Lower School students taking buses are escorted to the bus location by a teacher.  If the bus doesn't arrive by 3:30, parents are called.

Pick-up for Upper and Middle Schools is much the same as drop-off.  We ask that if you arrive close to pick-up time and that you circle in and out of the Front Circle or even around the block if your child is not already outside.  Taking up a place around the outside of the circle when your child is not waiting may be convenient, but only holds up pick-up of children who are already out there.  The space outside the back part of school is also a possible pick-up place and there is an official crossing guard there in the afternoon. 

Some resourceful parents even park a block away and walk to pick up their children in order to avoid the crush of the Front Circle altogether. See below for some Parking suggestions.

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Traffic Flow

We remind you that the first block of East Orchard Avenue (from Butler Avenue to the Front Circle) is officially a one-way street.  The rest of East Orchard is two way.

Even though this is the case, we ask that - at drop-off and pick-up times - you treat the street as if it is one-way as shown below.  Each part of it should be considered one-way heading toward the Front Circle with all exits though Patterson Street next to the Little School.  In this way, people are not bucking each other's traffic pattern at the busiest pick-up times.



   Click here to watch a short movie of the preferred Front Circle traffic pattern.




We remind you to have your children leave your car on the sidewalk side and not the street side.

In an ideal application of this traffic pattern, the only cars that will be dropping off at the far end of East Orchard Avenue in front of Lower School will be for Early Childhood or any family having reason to enter Lower School.  Normal day-to-day drop-off should occur in the Front Circle.

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Parking is a difficult situation by any standard because the school is located directly in a neighborhood.  There is no parking from 8:00-10:00 a.m. in the area in front of Middle and Lower schools.  This is to create the maximum amount of drop-off area and also to keep the street as open as possible at this busy time.  Below are suggestions of places around the campus that are available for parking.

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