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    Issue V  |  February 2012    

"What Wage Gap?!?!"
One Alumna's Fight for Equity
By Stephanie Chamberlin '88

Imagine that you have a twin brother. The two of you are alike in every way. You even decide to attend the same college and to pursue the same major - let's say, Accounting. After graduation, you're both thrilled when he lands his first job at a public accounting firm, earning an annual salary of $45,000. Instead of starting a job right away, you have decided to travel for 6 months. Upon your return, you get serious about looking for a job. Unfortunately, it's now November, a notoriously difficult time of the year to find employment. You've gone on several interviews and while everyone provides positive feedback, no offers are forthcoming.

Panic sets in, your parents are pressuring you, your student loan payments are due, and you're contemplating a waitressing job to earn some spending money. Just before Christmas, a public accounting firm you met earlier in the month calls with an employment offer. Your breath catches and you're flooded with relief as you wait to hear the starting salary, but your stomach plummets when you hear $35,550. For a moment, you think about negotiating, but decide you shouldn't push your luck because you really need this job. Quickly you recover as you justify the reasons for the pay differential between you and your brother. You tell yourself, it's not prime hiring season, the firm is smaller than your brother's employer, the economy has dipped since spring, and anyway, what's $9,450? Read more...


"What Wage Gap?!?!"
By Stephanie Chamberlin '88

A Tale of Two Alumnae: Navigating Personal Finance

Lincoln Goes to Washington
By Beatrice Swift

Miss Representation
Lincoln Film-Goers Are Abuzz

In the Heart of Haiti
By Meg Salgueiro

Is Bullying on Your Mind?
By Betsy Hunt

Are You Sharing the Journey?
By Joyce Botelho

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February 29  |  6 pm - 8 pm
New York Networking Event

March 7  |  12 pm - 1:30 pm
Alumnae Board Meeting

March 12  |  5 pm - 7 pm
Alumnae Event in Vero Beach

March 13  |  12 pm (noon)
Alumnae Luncheon in Del Ray

March 15  |  12 pm (noon)
Alumnae Luncheon in Naples

March 15  |  6 pm - 8 pm
Boston Networking Event

April 1  |  4 pm
Dr. Wendy Mogel Lecture

April 21  |  7 pm - 11 pm
Light Up Lincoln!


A Tale of Two Alumnae:
Navigating Personal Finance
In January, two Lincoln alumnae—Claudia Crowell ’02 and Christine Downs ’06—were guests in our Personal Finance class. They shared their real-world experiences in college and as young professionals establishing their careers. Personal Finance is one of the most popular electives with juniors and seniors at Lincoln School. With the goal of promoting financial literacy, the course is designed to provide students with the information and tools they need to meet the financial challenges they will face in the real world. Read more...

Lincoln Goes to Washington
By Beatrice Swift, Upper School English Department Head
Lincoln School was well represented at the National Conference on Girls’ Education in Washington, D.C. on February 10-12. The conference was co-sponsored by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) and the Young Women’s Leadership Network, bringing together educators in private and public girls’ schools across the country. Read more...

Miss Representation:
Lincoln Film-Goers Are Abuzz with a Powerful Perspective
Last month, 300 people gathered in Lincoln's Ebner, Elson, Hart Music Center for a screening of Miss Representation, an official selection for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Lincoln's audience had strong reactions to the 90-minute film, which was written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom.  Read more and watch the film tailer...

In the Heart of Haiti
By Meg Salgueiro, Upper School Science Faculty
An opportunity arose for my husband and me to join a service trip to Haiti this past January. We traveled with 12 others, mostly from Seekonk and Providence, to be introduced to programs to help the people in various towns in and around Port-au-Prince...When I embarked on this adventure, I had no idea the immense impact it would have on me. Read more...

Is Bullying on Your Mind? It's on Ours
By Betsy Hunt, Technology Faculty
Bullying is, no doubt, among the hottest topics in today’s world: in schools, on the neighborhood playground, at the mall, and most of all, over every airwave humans can access. The bad news is that we seem to be hearing and reading about “bullying” everywhere we look. The good news according to our recent speaker Elizabeth Englander, is that the term is misunderstood and therefore overused...thank goodness! While bullying absolutely exists, it is not so prevalent as reports would suggest. Read more...

Are You Sharing the Journey?
By Joyce Botelho,
Assistant Director of Development & Alumnae Relations
The good news to share is that the 2011-12 Annual Fund Campaign has raised $453,523 in commitments (cash and pledges received) as of 2/14/12 bringing us to 69% of our $660,000 goal. Alumnae giving is vital to the success of the Annual Fund, and we want to thank the 267 alumnae who have decided to share the journey with Lincoln students and faculty by making a donation this fiscal year. Those gifts, now totaling $121,908 account for 27% of the amount the Lincoln community has contributed to the Annual Fund so far. Honor your connection to Lincoln by making a gift that will have an immediate benefit for Lincoln girls and their teachers today. Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a favorite teacher, a classmate, in recognition of your reunion year or designated for a specific use such as need-based financial aid, leadership development, academic support, the arts, or athletics. Please know that every gift matters, but it must be received by June 30 to be counted as part of this year’s Annual Fund. Make a difference at Lincoln by making your gift today!

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