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    Issue I  |  October 2011    

Dear fellow Lincoln Alumnae,Arlene Schuler

I am delighted to share with you the first edition of the new Green & White, an e-newsletter that we will be sharing with you on a monthly basis highlighting all the wonderful things happening at Lincoln today. We hope that this new format will make it easier for you to stay informed about upcoming alumnae events at Lincoln and regionally and the most current news from 301 Butler Avenue.

In this issue, we are featuring two alumnae authors, Abigail Sullivan Moore '73 and Priscilla Leviten Warner '71, who will both be lecturing at Lincoln this month. We also have news on recent initiatives, including a vision for integrating Middle and Upper Schools from Head Julia Russell Eells, a story on the I.C.E. Grants awarded to selected faculty members, and an introduction to Peter Brooks, Lincoln's new Upper and Middle School Director.

I would also like to highlight our plans for Alumnae Weekend. If you have not sent your RSVP and you are planning to attend, now is the time. It’s easy - simply click here. If you would like to know who is already planning to attend, click here. If you have young children or grandchildren, be sure not to miss the Book Festival, happening during Alumnae Weekend.

I am looking forward to a great year as we bring alumnae back to Lincoln and enjoy a series of alumnae events in Providence, Boston, New York, and Florida. Please stay tuned as we add events to our schedule.


Arlene Tate Schuler ‘72
President, Alumnae Association


Welcome to the Green & White
by Arlene Tate Schuler '72

Abigail Sullivan Moore '73 and The iConnected Parent
Don't miss her upcoming lecture

Priscilla Leviten Warner '71 and Learning to Breathe
Speaking at Alumnae Weekend

One Division, Two Chapters, One Journey
by Julia Russell Eells

I.C.E. Forming All Over Lincoln
Grants allow Lincoln faculty to explore cutting-edge initiatives

Being New to a Place that Already Feel Like Home
by Peter Brooks

     Mark Your Calendars      

October 5  |  7 pm
Abigail Sullivan Moore '73 Lecture

October 7, 14, 28 | 9:15 - 9:45 am
Free Ballet Lessons at Lincoln

October 14 - 15
Alumnae & Reunion Weekend

October 14  |  2:30 pm
Priscilla Leviten Warner '71 Lecture

October 15  |  9:30 am - 5 pm
RI Festival of Children's Books

November 6  |  1 pm - 3 pm
Lincoln School Open House

November 17  |  6 pm - 8 pm
Boston Networking Event


Alumna Lecture: Abigail Sullivan Moore '73Abigail Sullivan Moore
Author Video and Excerpt from The iConnected Parent
What are the best methods of communication between parents and their teenage children? When a teen leaves home for the first time, what should parents do to keep the lines of dialogue open?  Abigail Sullivan Moore answers these questions and more in The iConnected Parent. She will lecture at Lincoln on October 5.  Read more...

Alumna Lecture: Priscilla Leviten Warner '71
Author Video and Excerpt from Learning to Breathe
Priscilla Warner has had a great life: a supportive husband, a flourishing marriage, two loving sons, and a bestselling book. Despite her good fortune and success, she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks that leave her unable to breathe.She sets out to find her inner peace. Priscilla will lecture at Lincoln on October 14.  Read more...

One Division, Two Chapters, One Journey:Julia Russell Eells
An Integrated Middle and Upper School Experience
by Julia Russell Eells, Head of School
Our opening day Middle and Upper school assembly was filled with energy, excitement and…lots of people! We will be gathering both the teachers and the students more often as we put our vision of an integrated Middle and Upper school into play.  Read more...

I.C.E. Forming All Over Lincoln School!ICE
Last summer brought the awarding of several I.C.E. (Innovation, Creation, Exploration) Grants to Lincoln faculty. These are $1,200 grants to support faculty in exploring and creating new programming —for the classroom and the broader school community. The innovative projects are focused on preparing our students for living and learning in the 21st century.  Read more...

Being New to a Place that Already Feels Like HomePeter Brooks
by Peter Brooks, Middle and Upper School Director
Being new at Lincoln School is something that everybody should have the opportunity to experience. As I enter into my fourth month as the school’s new Middle and Upper School Director, I am struck by how much I feel at home in a place that, in many ways, is still so foreign to me. Read more...

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