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Alumnae Board

The mission of the Alumnae Board is to implement the purpose of the Lincoln School Alumnae Association.

The specific goals of the Alumnae Board include the following:

  • To offer opportunities for continued learning and engagement to alumnae
  • To encourage alumnae to participate in the life of Lincoln through volunteering and financial support
  • To be a resource to alumnae for networking, support and friendship
  • To be a resource to the Lincoln School community for volunteer support
  • To work with Lincoln to promote and celebrate Lincoln’s past, current and future student body


Allison Gelfuso Butler '96, President
Whitney Doherty '86, First Vice President
Mih-Ho Cha Neenan '81, Second Vice President

Members at Large

Elizabeth Ames '75
Mari Marchionte Bianco '97
Caroline Canning '06
Sue Cook '84
Cara Millard Cromwell '88

Members at Large

Ginger Sarra Hesse '76
Joan Mathieu-Tate '77
Bliss Matteson '63
Juliana Raimondi '99
Mary Baldridge Remensnyder '50

Members at Large

Andrea Leaigh Rickey '09
Catherine Syner Shaghalian '96
Jane Meissner Sharfstein '73
Stefanie Casinelli Taylor '97
Miriam Tinberg '10

Honorary Members

Carolyn Sharp Brodsky '56
Patty Slater Carey '41
Joan Countryman, Retired Head of School
Cynthia Leonard Damon '75
Sandy Migliaccio Gasbarro '59
Elizabeth Giangreco, Retired Faculty*
Dione Dickenson Kenyon '72
Eileen McGrath, Retired Faculty
Susan Eldredge Mead '65
Cynthia Savage Muir ‘65

Suzanne Young Murray '58
Joan Ress Reeves '50
Pat Rocha '75
Janis Sopkin Rothman '47
Arlene Tate Schuler '72
Jane Meissner Sharfstein '73
Sally Davis Trowbridge '50
Deborah Bishop Wilson '72
Nancy Bartlett Wing '44*
Donna Yan-Fariar '75
Maryanne Tucker Ziegler '63


Questions about the Alumnae Board?
Contact Courtney Trafton at 401-455-1142 or

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