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Reunion Classes & Chairs

1942 | 75th Reunion

1947 | 70TH REUNION

1952 | 65TH REUNION

Reunion Chair: Jane Troppoli Lomas

1957 | 60TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Betsy Horton Ingraham & Jane Arcaro Scola

1962 | 55TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Edith Brewster & Judith McCaffrey

1967 | 50TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Joyce Hoffacker, Marianna Freeman Richardson & Bonnie MacLeod Thompson

1972 | 45TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Debbie Dobbins, Nancy Elson Fritch, Nancy Faenza Ladd, Arlene Tate Schuler & Debbie Bishop Wilson

1977 | 40TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Marybeth Paolino Andrews, Diana Carney Caty, Priscilla Freeman, Helen Georas, Joan Mathieu-Tate, Pamela Sargent, Nancy Boghossian Staples & Kim Triedman

1982 | 35TH REUNION

Reunion Chair: Samina Arif & Nancy Nahigian Tavitian

1987 | 30TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Hilary Fagan, Heather Hahn Fowler & Kristen Haffenreffer

1992 | 25TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Rebecca Rufo-Tepper & Jody Baldwin Stone

1997 | 20TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Mari Marchionte Bianco, Sarah Hull & Stefanie Casinelli Taylor

2002 | 15TH REUNION

Reunion Chair: Claudia Crowell Incandela

2007 | 10TH REUNION

Reunion Chairs: Victoria Charette, Kathryne Downs & Christine Lydon

2012 | 5TH REUNION

Interested in helping to plan Reunion for your class? Contact Courtney Trafton, Director of Alumnae & Parent Engagement, at

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