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Graduates of single-sex education rate themselves much higher in intellectual self-confidence, writing ability, and public speaking ability, all skills that are vital to success in education and beyond.


Lincoln school head Suzanne Fogarty is a strong advocate for interdisciplinary learning, global education, and community partnerships, spearheading our relationships with Brown, RISD, Save the Bay, and World Leadership School. Before joining Lincoln, she served as head of Berkeley Carroll’s Upper School. Suzanne also taught in the Lower School at St. Ann’s School and the Brearley School.

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April 2017 | Archive

April, 2017


I can finally say that spring has arrived in Providence! With snow flurries falling on April 1, I admittedly had my doubts. However, on campus today, the cherry, dogwood, and magnolia trees are flowering and the outside air is filled with the joyful voices of our youngest students hard at play.

The duality of April in New England makes me think of other instances which appear, at first, in opposition to one another. The fields of science and art are often considered antithetical. However, it is at the intersection of art and science that some of the greatest discoveries and advances have been made. Not only do artists and scientists share a curiosity for the unknown, they also share an appreciation for the world’s beauty, a powerful desire to create something new, and a deep need to discover and explain the world around us.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Architecture, and Math) is about enabling students to communicate valuable and complex information to a wider audience through an interdisciplinary approach. By encouraging our students to rethink the human relationship to our materials and our environment, and teaching them that art is present in science, nature in engineering, and history in technology, we prepare them for a world that doesn’t define itself by subject matter. This kind of dynamic teaching and learning will live in our new state-of-the-art STEAM Hub for Girls.

Our current and future students can look forward to spending time in the STEAM Hub art gallery, which will showcase student and visiting artists’ work. Our remodeled interdisciplinary classrooms will host many of the new courses that focus on depth of inquiry, expanded research opportunities, and the contextualization of rigorous course content in real world applications. A read through our newly unveiled course catalog will give you a sense of the trajectory of our new academic program.

In the last 10 months, we have raised $3.8 million dollars from the Lincoln community towards the building’s $5 million goal. The groundbreaking ceremony for the STEAM Hub for Girls will be on Thursday, June 1.

With a dedicated space in which to pursue STEAM and collaborate with each other, Lincoln girls will be able to practice and prepare for the 21st century workplace and interconnected world.

Looking forward,

Suzanne Fogarty

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