Graduates of single-sex education rate themselves much higher in intellectual self-confidence, writing ability, and public speaking ability, all skills that are vital to success in education and beyond.

A Quaker Foundation

Lincoln School came under the governance of the New England Yearly Meeting and the Religious Society of Friends in 1924 to provide a Quaker education for girls in Providence. While Lincoln School is no longer under the governance of the New England Yearly Meeting, we maintain our commitment to Quaker education as an active member of the Friends Council on Education.

Quaker schools are by their nature inclusive, and students of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome at Lincoln. There is no Bible study or catechism as part of our curriculum. Rather, our educational philosophy and practices incorporate the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Service, and Stewardship of the Earth (SPICES) into the daily life of our community. Students deepen their understanding of these values as they participate in social justice projects and school activities, such as our Community Garden, and learn about the history of Quakers in Rhode Island.

Each week, students in all divisions of Lincoln, from early childhood through Upper School, attend a silent meeting, where we reflect and build community together in silence. The structure of these meetings varies by age group, to ensure that students can experience and understand the practice in age-appropriate ways. For students and faculty alike, the silent meeting is a priceless opportunity to slow down, unplug, and be present in the midst of their fast-paced days.

One of our traditional songs, "Simple Gifts," speaks of quieting our selves and discovering our humility—a quality of self-confidence that allows us to encourage the strengths and voices of others. As a Quaker School, we seek to foster this quality in all of our students, so they can pursue their dreams and use their talents in a manner that reflects social responsibility and compassion for others.

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